Residence Hasler, Freienfeld/Campo di Trens

Residence Hasler - Bahnhofstr. 5 - 39040 Freienfeld/Campo di Trens (BZ)    Tel.: +39 349 3125273


The territory of the community of Freienfeld can look back on an eventful past.
There are both finds from prehistoric times, such as on the church hill of St. Valentine in Valgenäun, and from the time of the Romans: so the milestone of Septimus Severus, datable in the year 201 AD from Freienfeld, the grave stone of Aurelia Ruffina, called “Quartinusstein”, and the consecration stone of the light god Mithras, the “Mithras”, the most important Roman sculpture of our country, from Mauls.

The outbreak of war in 1914 put the tourist boom of the turn-of-the-century an abrupt end. Of the war itself, the community was spared and was occupied Italian forces in 1918 after the Austrian surrender.

By October 18, 1928 were forced together by decree Stilfes, Trens and Mauls with their fractions to the community of Freienfeld, and the seat of authority was moved from their current locations to Freienfeld. This fact did not meet a large acceptance, since there was a constantly friction between Stilfes and Trens that have not been discharged under the fascist dictatorship, but after 1945 broke out again.